Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Love Principle

We are in a period of concentric waves of novelty in its most pure form. If you search for the root of novelty, you can increasingly see the drumbeat, the effects. The challenge becomes that each disruption unleashes a chain reaction of complimentary disruptions.

The other thing is that a human lens cannot predict the exact moment of novelty. This is essentially the Higgs-Boson particle of philosophy. It is clearly a good thing: stewardship of this knowledge is something that is beyond the human condition today. But, like Higgs-Boson, we can study this through inference, and it is through inference that we can start to identify the mathematical implications of strange attraction.

Essentially innovation results in the opposite effect of entropy; when an innovation occurs, the amount of output from the exchange of energy creates a slightly positive byproduct that becomes amplified through a network effect.

While we cannot identify the source of novelty, we can increase strange attraction, which occurs through dissemination of novelty, the chain reaction I was referring to earlier. Fortunately, innovations like the internet come with a system for rapid dissemination. The problems we are experiencing today are a result of a mismatch between potential and kinetic energy.

Society has essentially been stalled by corruption, and it has profound impact on the world. The last 100 years of management science have been a continuous disproving by academia of greed-motivated theories. Realizing the profound impact of Schumpeter we find the fundamental truth of disequilibrium/equilibrium=innovation.

As Schumpeter observed, scarcity is key to understanding the source of novelty, but there had to be something beyond, and considering the impact of scarcity, the weakness in the circle of life.

I submit to you the impetus within the human condition that pushes us from stasis into the moment of creation is love. (While I play off the hyperbole, please consider 'love' or other emotions in this example could simply be how we percieve physiological brain chemistry that could have evolved to promote expansion of life/complexity). Regardless of the ebb and flow, a look at history demonstrates a net positive growth in human dignity. Clearly this is the implication of Schumpeter, the implication of New Wealth, the evidence of the positive trajectory of humanity. We can’t say why, but something was set in motion, and this system that was set in motion was not left with motion alone, not left to pure chance; it had a safeguard, a clearly deterministic safeguard, the positive exchange of love.

The metaphorical loaf in the basket that never runs out, the principle that when we combine love with the network effect, the positive growth becomes one of infinite possibility. The only limitation to our advancement is opposition to diversity and the loss of faith that has become apparent in society today.

The challenge of the moment is that of dissemination. Right now the challenge society faces stems from the mismatch of potential and kinetic energy. Society has not yet absorbed the potential energy from the last significant disruption. The challenge that Apple nearly solved was the key to removing the jerkiness from innovation, to allow disruption without being disruptive. Apple's contribution was one of art ... the elegant marriage of left and right brain that facilitated adoption & dissemination. While this does facilitate enhancing the 'smoothness' of a disruption (a disruption in its own right) - this simply provides an enhancement to a disruptive strategy, and this enhancement to design approach is already becoming commodity & undifferentiated. It does not contribute otherwise to predicting disruptions or market readiness.
The key challenge that we face today is something that I think you have the potential to affect, which is the principle that I call the Apple Effect. The true source of Apple’s success was from the dissemination of previous development, the marriage of left and right brain so elegantly exemplified by Apple’s products was actually the development of art. But unfortunately Apple chose to cling to greed rather than openness, and subsequently it is going to miss out on the network effect. Apple is now attempting to abuse the regulatory system to impede dissemination, and this will contribute to the potential-kinetic energy mismatch, and the big threat here is the attractor of greed. Chaos bears relation to the attractor of love versus the attractor of greed.
But, greed is a problem. It is clearly a very powerful force, and it is exactly what prevented society from acknowledging Schumpeter and Drucker. As soon as a greed-based theory rears its ugly head it pulls quite strongly from the positive chain of strange attractors, strengthening the network effect of greed. The Apple effect is doing this today, even though its contribution was built on the back of Chesborough. Jobs took full credit, and has lead follower business leaders down a promising-looking path that is still based in short-sighted greed & unsustainable.

Strange attraction lies in the network effect; it is the chain by which novelty gets disseminated, and the mathematical basis for radical openness.

My belief is that the strange attraction of love is greater than the strange attraction of greed (or at least within our perceptions). Make no mistake, the solution of the economic problem today is the revival of the entrepreneurial spirit, and the spread the economic imperative of joy.

I do not mean to infer a Teleological source for determinism ... if there were in fact a Teleological source of determination, the obvious implication would be to recognize we are not supposed to know that, or to focus on that. I do however mean to infer that, potentially, determinism is positive through the state that we can only now consider as phenomena, a phenomena that is manifested as love.

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